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A great reputation for dedication and superb old vine wines in the Russian River Valley

Bill Nachbaur began his professional career as an attorney in San Francisco. For a number of years he built a successful practice and personally evolved into the general consul for a bank holding company that was active in the legislative areas of the banking and savings industry. One day he decided he needed a change. The Nachbaurs headed north across the Golden Gate Bridge and wound up in grape-conscious Sonoma County near Healdsburg.

Bill decided to take some viticulture classes from Santa Rosa Junior College to augment the experience he had enjoyed as a youth when helping his father make wine. While taking the classes, he also began an earnest search for a piece of property that he felt would meet his immediate needs. When the nearly 150 year old Alegría Vineyard became available in 1990, Nachbaur quickly snatched it up. “It was one of the oldest continuous vineyards in Northern California that was predominantly planted in Zinfandel. It came with a great reputation and a following among the local vintners.”

Most of the grapes were sold off to neighboring wineries until Bill and Betsy decided to open their own winery in 1995. A lovely grove of about twenty oak trees in the middle of their property provided the ACORN Winery name. “It is an incredible experience to deal with 150-year old vines,” he added. “Each and every one has its own personality. Each is like a sculpture and must be dealt with individually. In the beginning, I did all the pruning myself, today I let my workers do a lot of the physical work.”

“We were first wine drinkers and we’ve just taken it a few steps further,” Nachbaur concluded. “But we are really small as wineries go. We are fortunate to have our wonderful old vineyards and the Russian River Valley as the basis for our business. Together, they are quite formidable.” Not every winery can boast old vine wines nor can many match the sense of dedication the Nachbaurs bring to their business.

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