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(Trebbiano pronunciation: Treh-bee-ah-noh)

Trebbiano is a white wine grape variety that originated in Italy. Six Italian varieties of the Trebbiano grape exist, but Trebbiano Tuscano is the most widely used and referred to name in Italy. In France, Trebbiano is the most widely planted white wine grape variety, but goes by the name Ungi Blanc. These late ripening, high yielding, golden berries are vigorous and adaptable to a range of terroirs.

Trebbiano wine is a pretty thin, highly acidic, neutrally flavored white wine. This neutrality of flavor and lack of unique character makes the white wine ideal for blending. In fact, Trebbiano Tuscano is permitted in more DOC varieties than any other. On its own, Trebbiano wine tastes of lemon, green apple, basil, and subtle hints of white peach. Trebbiano white wine is thin, light bodied, and dry.

Aside from being a blending grape, Trebbiano is used in a vast number of brandy and balsamic vinegar productions. Particularly in France, Trebbiano is vital for brandy production. This grape is so wide spread, that it is even used in some of Tuscany’s famous reds and can be blended to make a Trebbiano red wine.

Among the six Trebbiano varieties, there has been an interesting history with Trebbiano d’Abruzzo. Labeled as the most exciting of the Trebbiano varieties, Trebbiano d’Abruzzo from the Abruzzo region on the eastern side of central Italy, is arguably found to be identical to the variety Bombino Bianco. This version of the variety never really gains the golden color like other Trebbianos do, and has shading leaves that are useful in retaining acidity which can quickly drop off of overripe grapes.

Trebbiano wines are best served chilled with hard Italian cheeses, seafood pastas, white pizzas, roasted chicken, and any plate with pesto.

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