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(Tocai Friulano pronunciation: Tok-eye Froo-LAH-noh)

The Tocai Friulano grape variety is most famous for its role in white wines of Friuli, northeastern Italy. Since the European union banned the use of the name Tocai for being too similar to the Hungarian wine variety Tokaji, Tocai Friulano goes by a few different names including, Friulano, Sauvignonasse, and Sauvignon Vert. This thin skinned, early ripening grape is reasonably productive, but is susceptible to various forms of rot and mildew, however it is often picked early enough that any issues are avoided.

Tocai Friulano wine is a pale straw yellow color, dry, light in body, exhibits intense floral aromas, and tastes of citrus, grapefruit, pear, peach, and has a touch of minerality. The best versions of Friulano are highly acidic with lively fruit flavors. The high acidity heightens the flavor and adds to the long clean finish of the wine. When aging Friulano wine, some use oak barrels, meanwhile others argue that oak should be avoided, for it overwhelms the Friulano character traits.

The best food pairings with Tocai Friulano are white fish, prosciutto, roast chicken, salads and roasted green vegetables.

We have featured both the Graziano and Monte Volpe in our Gold Wine Club. Get a taste of Northern Italy with Tocai Friulano!

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