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(Super Tuscan pronunciation: Soo-pur Tuh-skn)

Super Tuscan is an umbrella term coined in the early 1980s to describe a red blend from Tuscany. What makes a Super Tuscan so unique compared to other Tuscan wines is its use of wine grapes non-indigenous to Italy. These high quality wines were created out of winemakers’ frustration with the restricting and slow changing wine laws in the 1970s. Finally, in 1992, legal systems lifted the rules allowing winemakers to experiment with their blends and create more modern styles of wine.

Most Super Tuscan grape varieties consist of varying blends of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Sangiovese, and Cabernet Franc. Since the percentage of each of these grapes varies from one Super Tuscan to the next, the flavor profiles have a wide array. Heavily Sangiovese-based Super Tuscan wines offer a fruity and racy flavor profile, whereas largely Syrah-based wines consist of deep, rich flavors. The wines are often aged in expensive, small oak barrels, which add a flavor of vanilla and spice to the blend. The best Super Tuscan wines have well-integrated tannins and spice from the oak giving them an overall rich and full-bodied flavor.

The most popular Super Tuscan is Tignanello, which is a blend of 80 percent Sangiovese, 15 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, and 5 percent Cabernet Franc. When ordering or purchasing one of these wines, they are typically not labeled as Super Tuscans, and are usually distinguished for being a “named” wine. For example, Tignanello would appear on a label as, Antinori “Tignanello”. Most guests looking to order a Super Tuscan stick with the most popular which are Tignanello and Sassicaia. As far as food pairings are concerned, Super Tuscans pair best with full-bodied and slightly to moderately acidic dishes, such as tomato-based pasta or roasted meats and game.

We've imported Super Tuscan wines from Italy for our one-of-a-kind International Wine Club and have featured numerous New World-style Super Tuscans in our other wine clubs!

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