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(Sémillon pronunciation: Sem-ee-yon)

Gold Medal Wine Club has featured a number of Sémillon bottlings in our 6 wine of the month clubs over the years and will continue to include this unique grape in future shipments.

The Sémillon is a white grape popular in Australia and the Bordeaux region of France. It is known for being low in acidity, making it a great blending grape candidate. A virtue and a fault are within its susceptibility for botrytis, or as some would say “noble rot.” This causes sugar levels to rise, which in turn makes the grapes deeply concentrated with flavors of sweet fruit and honey.

By itself, the Sémillon was once a wildly popular white grape, but is not often allowed to stand on its own legs (pun intended) anymore. Now, it is better known for its blends with Sauvignon Blanc, Muscadelle, and Sauternes, all of which are grapes known to be easily affected by noble rot. Sémillon is a fantastic pairing for seafood, pork, chicken, or dishes with creamy sauce. Blue cheese is also a notable option for accompanying a Sémillon.

Our International Wine Club featured the Mendel 2013 Sémillon from Argentina. This specific bottle offers aromas of lemon zest and dry oak. Considered one of the most traditional wines of Argentina, this was a great addition to our imported Wine Club Gifts!