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(Sangiovese pronunciation: san-joh-VAY-zeh)

Known as a “chameleon,” the magic talent of the Sangiovese varietal is being able to alter itself to fit its environment. The medium-bodied, Tuscan grape can produce multitudes of mutations depending on the appellations of its origin. Due to this, the Sangiovese has a wine for everyone!

Leaning more towards a Syrah rather than a Pinot Noir, the Sangiovese is definitely a savory wine. The varietal generally parades aromas of dried cherries, figs, roses, and tea. Fruit-forward Sangiovese is perfect for the winter holidays, warming your taste buds with clove-spice and cherries. The traditional, rustic Sangiovese will give off strong smokey and chocolate flavoring.

Herbs and tomatoes are an excellent way to bring out the fruit-inspired flavors of the wine. An excellent dish to pair alongside a Sangiovese with high tannins will consist of richly roasted meats and hard cheeses. We've featured Sangioveses in our Gold Wine Club as well as featured wines blended with this "chameleon" grape in our other wine of the month clubs. Join a club and discover fantastic wines every month!

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