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(Refosco pronunciation: Reh-fose-ko)

Refosco is not one grape, but rather a group of ancient, closely related, dark skinned grapes found in Northern Italy. This group of Italian grapes is often referred to as Refoschi. The Refosco group grapes, though related, are distinct in their own way, and tend to produce wines with a range in body and style, but nevertheless feature deep colors and elevated acidity.

Refosco wine tends to be sturdy, rich, dry, full-bodied, and highly tannic and acidic. Dark fruit flavors of plum, berry, and currant frequently describe the taste of Refosco wines. The wine is said to have a touch of bitterness that Italians enjoy in their food and wine. Of the different types of wines produced by these relative grapes, Refosco dal Pedunculo Rosso has long been acclaimed as the best.

Refosco wine pairs well with cured meats, poultry, game, and spiced dishes, and the best Refoschi have benefitted from a bit of cellaring.

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