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(Primitivo pronunciation: Pree-mee-TEE-voh)

Primitivo is a dark-skinned grape widely planted in southern Italy in Puglia. This grape originated long ago in Croatia known then as crljenak kaštelanski or tribidrag. It was later named Primitivo from the Latin definition of the word being “early ripening,” noting the characteristic of the grape. The Italian variety was mainly used as a blending grape to add alcohol and body to other red wines. This occurred until the Primitivo grapes genetically identical counterpart, Zinfandel, began gaining popularity in its homeland, California. Primitivo wine grapes grow well in hot and dry climates such as the Apulia region of Italy.

The Primitivo red wine is characterized as full bodied, rustic, and moderately tannic. The flavors of the wine are jammy and fruit-driven with notes of cherry, blackberry, and strawberry. Primitivo wine comes in two forms, the commonly known Primitivo di Manduria, and its dessert wine variant, Dolce Naturale. The traditional Primitivo wine pairs wonderfully with rich and meaty dishes such as braised lamb, grilled steak, and eggplant parmesan. The best Primitivo wine is drunk within three or four years of the harvest giving it time to soften the tannins and bitterness.

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