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(Pinot Gris pronunciation: PEE-noh GREE)

Pinot Gris is a light in color, light-bodied white wine originally grown in France, has a bright finish, that’s perfect for the warm days of summer or to be enjoyed year-round. The aroma for the most part is characterized by notes of fresh apple, melon and ripe tropical fruit notes, the mouthfeel can be crisp, clean and acidic. The Pinot Gris grape is thought to be an altered clone of the Pinot Noir variety displaying a grayish-blue fruit.

The grapes grow in small pine cone-shaped clusters possibly accounting for its name pinot, the word meaning "pine cone" and gris meaning "gray" in French. This is definitely a great wine to serve with Salmon and summer salads. Pinot Gris has been featured in our Gold, Garagiste and International Wine Clubs. And FYI, the clone of Pinot Gris grown in Italy is known as Pinot Grigio. À votre santé, Saluti!