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(Pinot Blanc pronunciation: PEE-noh Blah-nk)

Pinot Blanc is a versatile white wine grape used to make various styles of wine including still, sparkling, and sweet dessert wines. This grape variety is a mutation of the Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio grape, which itself is a mutation of Pinot Noir. Although the Pinot Blanc variety originated in Burgundy, France, it is most commonly seen today in Alsace northern Italy. Thriving in locations with high elevations, cool temperatures, and minimal exposure to heat and direct sunlight, the grape is becoming increasingly popular in Spain, Germany, and Austria as well. This grape variety may be seen in various countries, but acquires a different name in each place. In Italy and Spain, Pinot Blanc is known as Pinot Bianco, and in Germany and Austria is referred to as Weissburgunder.

The traditional, medium to full-bodied, dry Pinot Blanc white wine exhibits a strong acidity, high alcohol content, and flavors and aromas of apple, almond, and citrus with a hint of spice. However, along with each country taking on its own name for Pinot Blanc wine, they also take on different forms and flavors. In France, the wine is found to respond well to oak aging therefore taking on a creamier still wine or can be transformed to a sparkling wine called Crémant d’Alsace. The Italian form of Pinot Blanc, Pinot Bianco produces a crispy, light, somewhat tart white wine, and can also be used to make spumante, an Italian sparkling wine. Finally, the German and Austrian variant, Weissburgunder, can use Pinot Blanc grapes to create a refreshing and light white wine, or an Austrian dessert wine called trockenbeerenauslese made from late harvest grapes.

As a softer white wine it is important to pair Pinot Blanc with light dishes and flavors, to prevent the wine from being lost amongst strong flavors in the food. Some Pinot Blanc food pairing examples are roasted chicken or other light meats, seafood, salads with citrus dressing, and pastas with acidic or creamy sauces.

We've featured some of the best Pinot Blanc wines we've come across from our own California Wine Country! So far they've mostly been in our Gold Wine of the Month Club. However, this up-and-coming varietal is sure to be in more of your future wine shipments.

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