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(Petite Sirah pronunciation: Peh-TEET Sih-RAH)

This is a grape variety which produces an excellent very dark red wine that's often described as "peppery." Don't confuse Petite Sirah with Syrah. Although the best-known and most successful examples come from California the variety is also found in Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. Its small Petite Sirah berries produce a high skin-to-juice ratio that produce wines with high tannin levels, high acidity with the ability to age.

Characteristically, these wines have dense blackberry fruit character, mixed with black pepper notes. Petite Sirah for years was used by winemaker's as the other wine to blend. Not so anymore. Take the time to enjoy Petite Sirah with wild game, tenderloin and a good cut of filet mignon. You will be pleasantly surprised on how Petite Sirah is so approachable and tasteful.

Wineries Producing Petite Sirah