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(Lemberger - Blaufränkisch pronunciation: LEHM-ber-ger - Blahw-FRAHN-keesh)

This grape variety widely grown in Austria, Hungary, and Germany takes a different name nearly everywhere it grows. In Austria the wine goes by the name Blaufränkisch, in Hungary, Kékfrankos, and finally in Germany, Lemberger. These black skinned Lemberger wine grapes are one of the first to bud and one of the last to ripen, but nevertheless yields a plentiful supply of grapes. The best conditions for the grapes to mature fully are in warm temperatures, and fertile, deep soils. Testing has revealed that this wine grape of many names is genetically related to Pinot Noir and Gamay Noir.

Classic Lemberger wines, or any name it is given by the different producing countries, possess a deep color, medium-body, and flavors of dark fruits such as black berries, cherries, plums, gooseberries, and elderberries, with a hint of peppers and spices. Along with the aroma of dark fruits complimenting the taste, the wine can also smell of spices and vegetables like green beans and bell peppers. How fruity or tannic, light or rich, medium or full bodied, and short or long the finish of the Lemberger wine is depends on the process and techniques used to make that particular wine.

Extremely popular in Austria, being grown in nearly every wine region, Blaufränkisch is the second most popular red wine there. Popular Blaufränkisch food pairings (and Lemberger wine pairings) are schnitzel, bratwurst, borscht, and spaetzle. Others recommend enjoying the wine with a smoked or grilled cheese countering the acidity that is present.

While this grape is primarily grown on the East Coast of the United States (and typically goes by Lemberger here in the states), we have imported a fantastic, 92 point-rated bottling from Germany that you must try! It was a special featured wine in our International Wine Club, imported directly from a small winery in Germany. Try it out below before we sell out!

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