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(Godello pronunciation: Go-DAY-oh)

Godello is a rare white wine grape variety grown in northwestern Spain in the region of Galicia, and in northern Portugal. These grapes are known for being small in size, produced in closely packed bunches, ripening early, and thriving in dry climates. If grown in the wrong climate, Godello grapes are susceptible to fungal diseases like powdery mildew and botrytis bunch rot. In fact, Godello almost disappeared completely in the mid-20th century. Since then, the grape has done extraordinarily well. Interestingly, in recent testing it has been determined that Godello and Verdejo are sibling varieties, so if you’re a fan of Verdejo wines it's time to try Godello!

Godello wine, sometimes referred to as Godello Blanco, delivers mouthwatering flavors of grapefruit, lemon, green apple and smoky minerals. Many say that this bone dry, light bodied, moderately acidic wine is similar in taste to Chardonnay. The wine can be served in different ways at different ages, one way in particular being Godello Montenovo. Godello Montenovo wine is a young expression of the grape fermented naturally and released fresh.

The best Godello wine pairings are rich and hearty seafood dishes like lobster, crab, scallops, and halibut. Prawns, vegetables, and lighter chicken dishes pair well also.

We have featured Bodegas Telmo and other Godello Wines in our International Wine Club.

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