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(Gamay Noir pronunciation: GAM-may NWARH)

Gamay Noir is a light-bodied red wine that is the cousin to Pinot Noir. This often-overlooked wine was born in Burgundy, the same region as Pinot Noir. Burgundy’s sub-region Beaujolais, France is the only place Gamay Noir takes the spotlight over Pinot Noir. In fact, 75 percent of the worlds Gamay Noir wine is produced in Beaujolais. The rest of the Gamay Noir is grown in cool-climate regions including France, Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Oregon.

The dominant Gamay Noir tasting notes consist of black currant, raspberry, violet, and hints of banana. Gamay Noir known for being floral and fruity is largely derived from the aroma rather than the taste. The aroma consists of floral notes such as freshly cut violets, iris and peony flowers, and a subtle earthiness of potting soil, as well as fruity notes of cherry, raspberry, and plum. The naturally acidic and tart flavor of red fruit with a subtly bitter finish makes this wine very light on the palate.

Gamay Noir is best served in a large globe-shaped glass, and can even be chilled if preferred. The high natural acidity and low tannin gives this wine the surprising ability to pair wonderfully with virtually any food, so you truly can’t go wrong. For the best experience possible, Gamay Noir is to be consumed with good food and great friends.

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