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(Fiano pronunciation: Fee-AH-noh)

Fiano is a quality white wine grape with its biggest foundation in southern Italy, specifically Campania. The Fiano grape is one of the country’s oldest known white wine grape varieties with its first mention in the 13th century. Grown in southern Italy for thousands of years, the grape has had a significant period of time to adapt to its growing regions. Fiano wine can most often be found with the label Fiano di Avellino. Campania’s heavy rainfall, sporadic day and night temperatures, clay deposits, and volcanic soil make it an ideal atmosphere for the production of Fiano. The terroir plays an important role in the development of the finished wines determining whether it takes on a rigid mineral flavor or more nutty and rich flavors.

Fiano white wine ranges from a medium to full body, a medium to crisp acidity, and is mostly a dry wine. Different winemakers practice several techniques to incorporate more of Fiano’s natural assets. Fermenting the wine with its lees, including the skin, seeds, pulp, and dead yeast cells, is one of these unique practices that can add various flavors, weights, and textures to the wine. Although best known as a dry wine, Fiano can be made into a dessert wine through the Italian traditional practice of air-drying. Fiano is mostly aged in steel tanks to assure it maintains peak freshness and its aromas.

The more Fiano ages the more complex it becomes. As a whole, Fiano is best describes as having a deeply floral aroma with nutty and textured flavors of honey, tropical fruits, pine, spices, and hazelnut on the finish. However, as the Fiano ages it can develop fruitiness by taking on more honey notes. Sweet Fiano wine is considered textured and luscious with flavors of dried fruit such as prunes and figs. Fiano white wine pairs best with roasted chicken, light seafood, soy-glazed salmon, vegetable dishes, seafood pastas, salads and herbal risottos. The best Fiano wine typically has a two to three year bottle age and is served chilled.

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