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(Chenin Blanc pronunciation: Shen-in Blahnk)

A versatile grape, Chenin Blanc is a white grape commonly from the Loire Valley of France. Ranging from dry to sweet dessert wines, it easily adapts to different tastes. The Chenin Blanc has a wine for each occasion and we are happy to have featured this varietal for our Wine Club members.

Dry Chenin Blanc produces a soulful minerality that gives flavors of tart pears, ginger, and chamomile. The off-dry variety occurs when the grapes’ natural sugars are in the wine, showing flavors of ripe pear, passion fruit, and jasmine. Sweet Chenin Blanc opens flavors of toasted almond, mango, ginger, and mandarin orange. A sparkling Chenin Blanc can range from brut to demi-sec, or sweet, giving its classic characteristics of plum and florality. Due to its acidity levels and sweet flavor, its perfect pair is more of the same, sweet and sour foods! A Southeast Asian cuisine or a Turkey dinner garnished in cranberry sauce would perfectly complement a rich Chenin Blanc.

South Africa is the largest Chenin Blanc producer. It is often blended in this region with a Sauvignon Blanc to create a fresh and zesty dry wine. All high-quality flavor varieties of this wine age well in a cellar, as time greatly contributes to its taste. Chenin Blanc wines have previously been featured in our International and Gold wine of the month clubs.