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(Barbera pronunciation: bar-BEH-rah)

Barbera is a special red grape varietal of the Old World. Native to Piedmont, Italy, Barbera is a hardy grape that grows well in the chalky soils of the area. Though popular as a single varietal, Barbera also excels as a blending partner - a popular practice in both Italy and California. Barbera can add structure into a lighter wine and yet give softness to one that was overly tannic.

Barbera vines are high-yielding and produce grapes with deep, violet color, translating to full-bodied and balanced acidic red wines. The finished product often shows black and red cherry, blackberry, spice, and chocolate qualities with smooth tannins. The structured acidity makes it easy drinking upon release as well as can gain character after a few years of aging, if kept in oak barrels. The oak can also coax Barbara wines into express notes of vanilla.

While most widely planted in Italy, the Barbera grape varietal can also be found internationally, in countries such as Greece, Romania, Slovenia, Uruguay, Australia, South Africa, and beyond. The vine’s ability to adapt to different climates and soils make it a versatile planting. The most common qualities across the board are ones we have listed above, however depending on the location and soil composition, Barbera wines can vary.

The pronunciation of Barbera is (bar-BEAR-ah) and has been featured in our Gold Wine Club and in our International Wine Club over the years, and we will no doubt feature it again. The Rucksack Cellars 2013 Barbera R is a excellent example of this varietal produced using grapes from the Sierra Foothills AVA here in California.

The wines listed below are selections from our various wine of the month clubs. Choose wines from our 90+ rated Platinum monthly wine club, our Garagiste Artisan Wine Club or our Gold Wine Club. Occasionally we also feature this varietal in our International and Diamond quarterly Wine Clubs. These are very food friendly wines. Just ask anyone of our wine club members. Cheers to you!