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The Tuscan wine culture is more than 3,000 years old, certainly the most storied and historically laden wine region on earth. Kings and emperors have sung the praises of Tuscan wine and have even used some wines as currency during their reigns.

Basically, the Tuscan wine area follows the ancient Siena to Florence highway, one of the most traveled and venerable roads in Italy. It is a hilly, rocky environment that allows grape vines to mature and provide wondrous fruit. It is marked with hundreds of micro-climates that often provide uniqueness to wines made from neighboring vineyards. And, during modern times, its easy accessibility had made the region one of the favorite visiting spots for legions of wine aficionados and devotees of the rich Tuscan cuisine that has become Italy’s leading export cooking for the past thirty years.

Countless books on Tuscan cooking and gastronomy have filled the shelves of amateur and professional cooks alike. While Tuscan reds have predominated for the past hundred years, it is interesting to note that one of Italy’s greatest white wines, the resplendent Vernaccia di San Gimigiana, is also made within the confines of Southern Tuscany. It is one of the world’s great white wines and has been included in our International Wine Club collection.

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