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Stags Leap District AVA

Napa Valley, North Coast

Located north of the town of Napa, the Stags Leap District runs in a narrow strip along the valley floor separated from the main Napa Valley by a fringe of small hills running north to south. This was the first region within the Napa Valley, California to be designated as a distinct AVA (1989).

Stags Leap has built a worldwide reputation for its Cabernet Sauvignon which makes up almost 90% of the grapes grown in the region. The other varietals also grown are Merlot and small quantities of Chardonnay. One of the smallest AVAs in the nation, Stags Leap District covers just 2700 acres and represents only 1.5% of the larger Napa Valley AVA. The loose, free-draining soils of the area lead to Cabernet vines that are deeply rooted and full of quality fruit.

The area gets its name for the legend of a great stag that was being chased by hunters and leaped between two distant peaks that rise above the valley. We have featured a number of 90+ rated wines from this district in our Platinum and Diamond Wine Clubs for our members.