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The Santa Clara Valley can trace its origins in grape growing all the way back to 1798 when the first Mission vines were planted at the Santa Clara Mission. Grapes have been grown in the area ever since, but for some reason, have never been accorded the status of other Central Coast wine regions. Wineries have dotted the area for hundreds of years and some have grown to extremely large size. The existing soils are excellent for most varietals and the near perfect heat (day) and cold (night) ratio is among the best in mid-California. Also, the area’s close proximity to the nautical influences of the Pacific Ocean is considered a boon to farmers who produce grapes for a living.

The Santa Clara Valley appellation (AVA) was so designated in 1989. It encompassed some 300,000 acres that had formerly been part of the Santa Clara County or Central Coast growing areas. The region is also home to top wineries such as Solis Winery, and Jason Stephens we featured in the Gold Wine Club. The area has undergone a recent transition that has elevated the status of its vineyards and wineries. We know that we will be seeing award-winning, boutique wines coming from this region in the years to come.

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