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Santa Clara, Central Coast

The Santa Clara Valley AVA is a large area of more than 330,000 acres of which more than 1500 are planted in vine. It is home to more than 35 wineries and is close in proximity to Silicon Valley and a natural visiting site for any visitors to the area. The AVA was established in 1989 and contains two sub appellations, Pacheco Pass AVA and San Ysidro District AVA.

In 1798, the first European cuttings were planted at historic Mission Santa Clara that are believed to be California’s first plantings. By mid-19th Century, the Santa Clara Valley had more vineyard acreage and more wineries (over 100) than any other county in California. The area is blessed with an incredible Mediterranean climate and naturally rich (and minerally) soils where vineyards thrive and excel.

Soils vary in the region, from limestone to granite based and many contain the near perfect balance of nutrients necessary to produce high-quality grapes. Excellent drainage throughout the area increases the grape quality and adds to the terroir factor that has become increasingly important to high-caliber wines. Some of California’s greatest wineries had operations in the Santa Clara valley including Charles La Franc, Paul Masson, Almaden, Martin Ray, Ridge Vineyards, David Bruce Winery, J. Lohr Vineyards and a number of others you may have seen in your past wine subscription shipments.

The area has undergone a recent transition that has elevated the status of its vineyards and wineries. We know that we will be seeing award-winning, boutique wines coming from this region in the years to come, many of which could appear in your wine of the month club deliveries!

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