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German wines are produced among thirteen winegrowing regions, most focused along the Rhine river and its tributaries and just two located on the eastern side of the country. Many of the western winegrowing regions benefit from the high slopes of the Rhine River’s valley walls, which shield the vineyards from any weather extremes and help maintain a more moderate climate. Germany is the northernmost major wine-producing country in all of Europe, so the country’s climate is noticeably cooler overall. Producing everything from crisp Rieslings to fruity Red Blends and floral Pinot Noirs, German wines are full of charm and character, and distinct from every other European style.

The Nahe Wine Region of Germany is one of the country’s smallest, with only around 4300 hectares (slightly over 10,600 acres) under vine. The Nahe River is a tributary of the mighty Rhine and lends its name to the charming area that has traditionally produced exceptionally fine wines.

It's slopes are a gentler version of both the Rhine and Mosel inclines that dominate the larger valleys. Geological disturbances over millions of years have produced the region’s turbulent geological past. During that time, the ground was constantly shaken by volcanic activity during the formation of the Nahe rift valley. In places, the soil (slate, volcanic porphyry, loess and clay soils) changes every hundred yards and each of these different geological formations subtly alters the taste of the wine.

A wide variety of grapes thrive in the mild temperatures and incredibly abundant sunshine. Both red and white varietals flourish in this environment, a unique aspect for a country that produces almost 95 percent white wines. Due to the smallness of its vineyards, the excellent wines of the Nahe are seldom exported out of Germany, but rather are consumed by German and European connoisseurs who delight in their magnificent subtlety.

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