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The Province of Mendoza, located in the far western expanse of the country. Mendoza is Argentina’s leading producer of top quality fruit. It is located in the shadow of Mount Aconcagua and plantings average from 2,000-3,600, some of the highest altitude vineyard plantings in the world.

The Bodegas Valentin Bianchi is located 150 miles due south of Mendoza City in the deep southern part of the region. The area is classified as semi-arid, and is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Plantings are at lower altitudes than other districts, ranging from 1600 – 2600 feet. The San Rafael District is the leading locale for high-caliber wines in that part of Argentina and has produced outstanding wines for the last century.

The Uco Valley District located some 100 miles southeast of Mendoza City. It mirrors California’s Napa Valley with mild days, wet winters and warm summers with cool nights. Its soils are rocky and permeable with some limestone thrown in throughout the area. Most vineyards are planted at altitudes of between 2500 – 5500 feet as you near the foothills. The UCO Valley has recently become among the most well-known areas in Argentine winemaking circles and has produced a high number of successful wines at the international competition level. The grapes of Uco Valley tend to be very intense with moderate acidity and alcoholic content.

Wines from the Mendoza region have been featured in our International Wine Club.

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