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Sicily, Italy

The wine region of Mamertino di Milazzo is located in Northeastern Sicily, almost due east of the City of Messina and the famous Messina Strait that divides the island of Sicily from the toe of Italy’s boot. Most vineyards are located on the western coast of the Capo di Milazzo Peninsula that faces the Aeolian Islands further out in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Due to the favorable maritime influences, history has recorded the fact that wines have been produced in the region for the past two thousand years. The original farmers were actually mercenaries from the time about 300 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. After a defeat, they chose to stay in the pleasant environs of the Milazzo Peninsula and eventually became farmers. None other than Roman Emperor Julius Caesar favored the area’s wines, which he frequently served at public events and triumphs. The wines are also mentioned in the writings of other noted Roman literary gurus including Martial and Pliny.

From a modern perspective, the DOC Mamertino di Milazzo was officially recognized in September, 2004. Since that time, a number of its wines have grown in popularity and statue to rival many mainland Italian wines.

Modern wines are simply referred to as Mamertine and are not defined by a single definitive style. Ranging from dry to sweet, they offer a diverse taste opportunity for the consumer. The wines are very Sicilian in nature and are made from distinctively native Sicilian varietals. Included are the Nero d'Avola, Grillo and Inzolia (Ansonica). Both red and white wines are produced in DOC Mamertino di Milazzo and are generally considered to be excellent price/value selections.

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