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Pronounced "jhee-gohn-dahs"

Located in the southern Rhône region of France, Gigondas is recognized for its high quality, but less expensive red wines. More moderate in price than Châteauneuf-du-Pape, its neighboring appellation, yet providing a similar experience. The Gigondas wines are known to be rustic and powerful with notes of spice and dark fruit flavors.

The name of the region is Roman in origin coming from Jocunditas, meaning “great pleasure” in Latin. Grapes have been grown in the area since the 12th century and veterans of the 2nd Roman Legion are frequently credited with the creation of the first vineyards.

The areas under vine are at a higher elevation than it’s bordering regions and are planted in terraced vineyards with rich limestone soils. The vineyards here benefit from being in the shadow of the small Dentelles de Montmirail mountain range accompanied by winds which create a cooler microclimate than its surrounding areas.

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