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The French wine growing region of Bordeaux was, is, and always will be the cornerstone of great French wine production. Many of the estates can trace their wine heritage back for centuries due to a strategic fact - the citizens of Bordeaux supported the French Revolution at the end of the 18th Century. In comparison, Bordeaux’s nearest rival, Burgundy, was home to many noble families and supported the French King Louis XVI. After the revolution, the great vineyards of Burgundy were cut up and divided among those who supported the revolution while Bordeaux’s marvelous estates were left intact.

Bordeaux’s greatness can also be traced to its main grape, the incredible Cabernet Sauvignon. This prized varietal is favored for its high acidity, which in turn allows for greater wine longevity. Wines that age gently and eventually produce a nectar-like substance are highly valued and command great respect from the wine industry’s top international wine periodicals. Tastings of rare old Bordeaux Châteaux are always big news and are eagerly awaited by wine connoisseurs and aficionados alike. Bordeaux is also a huge growing area and houses just under 9,000 wine estates and wineries, by far the largest accumulation of wine producers in France. About 75% of Bordeaux’s wine production is red, the remainder is white. Wine from the Bordeaux region has been and will be featured again in our International Wine Club.

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