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Rare access to fabulous international food and wines from family-owned estates around the world. International wine like you’ve never tasted before!

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Our International Wine Club takes you or your gift recipient on an incredible tasting journey around the globe to discover hard-to-find imported, ultra-premium wines from some of the great, hidden wine country estates. These wines are selectively imported and cannot be found easily anywhere else in the United States.

Three specially selected wines (two different reds and one white or Rosé on occasion) are included in every shipment along with a full-color newsletter publication with details on the wines, winery, region and much more! Each quarterly wine club shipment is from a different country.

Add the International Gourmet Adventure Package for just $39.00 each to your International Wine Club membership to experience the full adventure.

Quarterly deliveries.

  • The wines we feature are typically between 12.5% - 15.5% ABV (Alcohol By Volume).

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