Considered by many to be Spain's premier quality white wine, Albariño is the primary grape used to make dry white wine in Northwestern Spain. Albariño is also known in Portugal as Alvarinho and often used as a component of Vinho Verde. Wines made from Albariño are very aromatic, described as having an aroma of almonds or almond paste, apples, peaches, citrus, and flowers or grass. This grape has an inherent tartness.

Wines made from Albariño do not cellar well, it's best enjoy the wine the year it is released. Albariño wines are particularly suited to seafood due to the acidity. By aging the wines on lees, it can give the wine a fuller texture. A pronunciation of Albariño is (ahl bah REE nyoh ). Albarino has been featured in our International Wine Club our Garagiste Wine Club and even in our Gold Wine Club as a PLUS! bottle. When we find the right bottle that meets our wine club standards, chances are we will feature an award-winning Albariño again.

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