Whites of the World

International White Wines

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$160.00 $128.00 per half case

Receive 3 different quintessential varietals from 3 countries, 2 bottles of each wine! This special Whites-only combo pack includes wines featured in our International Wine Club, all of which have been exclusively imported directly from small production wineries. Discover 3 different varietals of amazing white wines from 3 different countries. Start with white wines from France, continue with Italy, and end with South Africa.

Wine from France:
• Château Pontet Reynaud 2016 Graves (white blend)

Wine from Italy:
• Caccia al Piano 2017 Vermentino

Wine from South Africa:
• Avondale 2015 Chenin Blanc

Don't miss your chance to Taste the Adventure with this 3 different varietal, white-only combo pack featuring 3 different countries! You won't find these international wines anywhere else.