Festive Reds and Whites

Top Wine Club Combination

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$216.00 $157.19 per half case

This Combo Case is a mix of 3 red and 3 white wines and is a true party favorite. This selection is a combination of award-winning, premium wines from our 6 Wine of the Month Clubs and has something for everyone. A perfect Combo of six different varietals for you to share and you can't go wrong with these prices. Simply click on the bottle images above to learn more about each wine included in this combination. It's time to party!

*The wines we carry in our Wine Store are in very high demand and individual wines change frequently. Due to this, if a wine featured in this Combo Case sells out, a bottle of the same quality and value will be included to complete this 6 bottle selection. Since a discount is already included for all Combo Cases, Member Rewards discounts do not apply.


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