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$234.00 $196.99 per half case

This Combo Case is a selection of 6 highly acclaimed, award-winning Chardonnays (1 bottles of each wine), which have been featured in our 6 different Wine Clubs. Selected wines are from top Chardonnay wine producing regions and all have earned 90+ ratings!

Simply click on the bottle images above to learn more about each wine included in this delicious combo case. Consider it a horizontal tasting waiting to happen. This is also a great wine gift for Chardonnay enthusiasts.

*The wines we carry in our Wine Store are in very high demand and individual wines change frequently. Due to this, if a wine featured in this Combo Case sells out, a bottle of the same quality and value will be included to complete this 6 bottle selection. Since a discount is already included for all Combo Cases, Member Rewards discounts do not apply.