Wines for Winter

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Many of us are embracing the holiday spirit as much as we can this year. With the chilly outdoor temperatures, lets not kid ourselves, a glass of nice wine by the fire place, while being wrapped in a warm, cozy blanket sounds heavenly!

But remember, "winter" doesn't always mean "red"! There are plenty of winter-worthy white wines to enjoy too. This year, instead of thinking about your wines as red vs. white, try searching for warming wines, perhaps with darker fruit flavors and notes of wintery herb spices.

The selection of wines above is perfect for a cozy winter wine night, or even a fantastic gift under the tree!

*The wines we carry in our Wine Store are in very high demand and individual wines change frequently. Due to this, if a wine featured in this Combo Case sells out, a bottle of the same quality and value will be included to complete this 6-bottle selection. Since a discount is already included for all Combo Cases, Member Rewards discounts do not apply.


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