2 Bottles of Imported French Champagne

Enjoy this duo of 2 fantastic Champagnes imported directly and exclusively from France!

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$158.00 $109.90 per half case

Cheers! It’s time again for our celebrated Annual Champagne Special Feature!

This year, we are pleased to offer a pair of exclusively imported, critically-acclaimed Champagnes from France’s esteemed Vincent d’Astrée Champagne house, located in the historic village of Pierry.

The wines exemplify a true Champagne style - rich, decadent, sparkling delights. Alas, the name ‘Astrée’ (French for star), brings to mind the famous phrase - that sipping Champagne is like ‘drinking the stars!’

*Please note, this collection contains only 2 bottles, not 6. We are aware that the default above, as well as in checkout, will reflect "6 bottles". However, you will only be charged for the 2 bottles seen above. Please bear with us as we are working to fix this error.