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Truffle Olive Oil Gourmet Products

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Exclusive Import! — Gold Medal Wine Club
Mount Hawthron, Australia
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The Australian wines featured in our International Wine Club

Made by Great Southern Truffles, a company located in Mount Hawthron, Australia is the creator of this fantastic, aromatic, and flavorful Extra Virgin olive oil! A dash of this luxuriously pungent and earthy Australian Truffle Infused Extra-Virgin Olive Oil can turn any ordinary dish into an exceptional one! Truffle oil is extremely versatile and a little goes a long way. Try drizzling it over grilled fish or steak, grilled asparagus, pan fried polenta, sautéed or oven roasted potatoes. It can also be stirred into mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, risotto, and pasta sauces.

Originally featured in our International Wine Club.

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