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Taste of Spain Adventure Package 2016 Gourmet Products Direct Import

Taste of Spain Adventure Package

2016 Gourmet Products

Direct Import
International Wine Club Selection
Imported Selections — Gold Medal Wine Club

Produced in the regions of Barcelona, Lleida, Cáceres, Soria and Badajoz, Spain
Pairs With
The Spanish wines featured in our International Wine Club

For each country we feature quarterly in the International Wine Club, we offer the gourmet Adventure Package which has an assortment of exclusively-imported food items from small producers. Many of the products are traditional ingredients used in our featured recipes. Try pairing each item with the wines for fun!

The International Gourmet Adventure Package from Spain includes the following six items:

Mykes Gourmet Olive Oil with Boletus:
Located in Soria, Spain in the community of Castile and Leon, Mykes Gourmet produces high-end food products with truffles and mushrooms. Their Olive Oil with Boletus (mushroom) is the perfect accompaniment to salads, marinades, roasts, pastas, and mixed vegetables. The fresh taste and scent will lift your meals to the next level and enhance the flavor of any dish. Try a few drops on toasted bread, too!

Mykes Gourmet Balsamic Vinegar with Black Truffle:
The sweetness of Balsamic Vinegar blends with an intense aroma of Black Truffle to produce a winning combination in this bottle from Mykes Gourmet. Suitable for any occasion, try this Balsamic Vinegar with salads, marinades, meats, and fish - or even blend it with another type of vinegar (balsamic, apple, etc.) for a completely unique flavor.

Las Colmenillas Dulce Pimentón de la Vera (Sweet Paprika):
Located in La Vera, Spain, Las Colmenillas produces genuine, handmade smoked paprika, made in the traditional drying manor with oak wood fire. This unique and versatile product provides flavor, aroma and color - the perfect touch in any recipe. It is increasingly appreciated worldwide for its uniqueness and often praised by great chefs in international cuisine. The peppers were originally from South America and first introduced to Spain in the late 15th Century. The production of paprika has since expanded and is especially prominent in La Vera, where Las Colmenillas has continued this tradition and artisan process for three generations.

Tapasito Manzanilla Olives:
Produced by the Torres Family, of Bodegas Torres fame, the Tapasito brand is a new project that focuses on the best Spanish delicatessen products. These Tapasito Manzanilla Olives are harvested by hand and carefully sorted before they are naturally fermented in brine. Medium in size, golden green in color, and fruity in flavor, these olives are the perfect snack on their own, or a delicious addition to pastas and salads.

Vianóleo iO Gazpacho:
Vianoleo is an innovative food product company dedicated to the care of olives and tomatoes that has been passed down from father to son for more than three generations. Their most popular products include olive oils, vinegars, olive juice, and gazpacho tomato soup. The iO Gazpacho Tomato Soup is a light, refreshing recipe made with Vianoleo’s premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is nutrient dense, gluten-free and healthy, making an ideal snack product.

Torrons Vicens Albert Adria Natura Raspberry Nougat:
Torrons Vicens is a family company situated in Agramunt, with a long nougat crafting tradition since 1775. Their Albert Adria series were crafted with Chef Albert Adria, combing a high standard of chef skills with the Agramunt nougat tradition - the result is a delicious specialty treat of the highest quality. The Raspberry Nougat has delicate and delicious flavors of raspberry marzipan with sugar and violet flower.

International wines sold separately. Salud!

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