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Various Regions in Portugal
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For each country we feature quarterly in the International Wine Club, we offer the gourmet Adventure Package which has an assortment of imported food items from small producers. Many of the products are traditional ingredients used in our featured recipes. Try pairing each item with the wines for fun!

The International Gourmet Adventure Package from Portugal includes the following items:

• Whole Green Olives - Maçarico
• Pimenta de Queijo/Cheese Pepper - Quintal dos Açores
• Fried Fava Beans - A Taste of Portugal
• White Wine Vinegar - A Taste of Portugal
• Chicken Seasoning Marinade & Sauce - A Taste of Portugal
• Bolacha Maria Cookies - Moaçor

About the Products

Green olives growing in a treeWhole Green Olives
Maçarico ~ Praia de Mira, Portugal

Maçarico’s Whole Green Olives have a uniquely fresh, fruity flavor with a firm bite. Carefully selected and picked when they are fully mature ensures these olives are of superior quality. Green olives are a great stand-alone snack, or use them to add flavor to a wide variety of dishes - salads, chicken, fish, rustic sauces, and even sandwiches!

Portuguese Cheese PepperPimenta do Queijo/Cheese Pepper
Quintal dos Açores ~ Azores Islands, Portugal

The Quintal dos Açores Traditional Fresh Cheese Pepper is a typical regional spicesauce from the island of São Miguel. This Portuguese spice is prepared the old fashioned way with pepper from the local lands. With a base of Piri-Piri sauce, which is characteristically use to flavor a wide variety of Portuguese dishes, this Cheese Pepper sauce can be added to yams, baked potatoes, beans, and more.

Portuguese Red pepper sauceChicken Seasoning Marinade & Sauce
A Taste of Portugal ~ Various locations throughout Portugal

Now you can enjoy Portuguese style chicken at home! Great as a marinade or sauce, this jar takes the work away and makes a simple and delicious meal. A blend of garlic, red pepper, wine, salt and chili pepper, this sauce is vibrant and flavorful.

Fried Fava Beans
A Taste of Portugal ~ Various locations throughout Portugal

Fava beans are widely grown in Portugal for their nutritious seeds and pods. They are commonly used in Portuguese sauces and stews, but they’re also a popular and tasty snack when fried! Salty and crunchy, Fried Fava Beans make a great alternative to peanuts or chips.

White Wine Vinegar
A Taste of Portugal ~ Various locations throughout Portugal

A great vinegar can enhance any meal, especially with Portuguese cooking! Aged in oak barrels, this White Wine Vinegar offers an intense aroma and sensational flavor to enhance marinades, sauces. Drizzle over fresh salads as well!

Portuguese Bolacha Maria cookiesBolacha Maria Cookies
Moaçor ~ São Miguel, Portugal

The Bolacha Maria cookies are a staple in every Portuguese household. A slightly sweet biscuit, the Moaçor Bolacha Maria cookie is a great dessert for kids, or served with coffee and tea.

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