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SOLD OUTTaste of New Zealand Adventure Package 2017 Gourmet Products

Featured in our International Wine of the Month Club

Exclusive Imports
New Zealand
Produced in the regions of Christchurch, Hamilton, Northland and Wellington, New Zealand
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The New Zealand wines featured in our International Wine Club

The International Wine Club is a quarterly shipment of outstanding wines from various wine regions around the world. The gourmet Adventure Package will take your international experience a step further with an assortment of exclusively-imported food items from small producers. Many of the products use traditional ingredients and can be included in the featured recipes. Try pairing each item with the wines for the ultimate New Zealand Experience!

The International Gourmet Adventure Package from New Zealand includes the following items:

• Kamahi Honey - J. Friend and Co.
• Freeze Dried Blackcurrant Berries - ViBERi
• Corn & Chilli Grain Crackers - Rutherford and Meyer
• Steak Sauce - Artisan Vinegar
• Lager Vinegar - Artisan Vinegar

About the Products

Kamahi Honey Kamahi Honey
J. Friend and Co. ~ Christchurch, New Zealand

Your jar of honey is a 2011 vintage that was harvested from the remote coastal rain forests on the South Island of New Zealand. Here, bees enjoy collecting pollen from the native flowers of the Kamahi tree, resulting in floral aromas and smooth, intense flavors of honeysuckle and caramel. Enjoy atop cheeses, as a sweetener and so much more!

Steak Sauce Steak Sauce
Artisan Vinegar ~ Wellington, New Zealand

Adding to their delicious range, Artisan Vinegar included a line of sauces. This Steak Sauce is what has been missing from your BBQ’s and now, thankfully, can be complete! Handmade with only the best, natural ingredients - nothing artificial, gluten-free and no added salt. It will be love at first taste!

Lager Vinegar
Artisan Vinegar ~ Wellington, New Zealand

This Lager Vinegar is a tribute to the creative geniuses behind it. Made from New Zealand lager beer, it undergoes a double fermentation (once for the beer, second for the vinegar) and is aged for an additional twelve months. A bit spicy, slightly bitter and hoppy, try spritzing it over salads or in fish marinades. It’s also a great addition to pork and gives veggies a zesty twist!

ViBERI Freeze Dried Blackcurrant Berries Freeze Dried Blackcurrant Berries
ViBERi ~ Pleasant Point, New Zealand

ViBERi’s Organic Freeze Dried Blackcurrant Berries are full of vitamins and vitality! With an intense flavor and crunch, these little powerhouses are awesome on salads, muesli, oats, in yogurt, smoothies, added to trail mix, or straight from the bag!

Corn & Chilli Grain Crackers Corn & Chilli Grain Crackers
Rutherford and Meyer ~ Wellington, New Zealand

These crispy, crunchy, hearty and delicious Corn & Chilli Grain Crackers are made from the highest quality, all-natural ingredients with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. They have a nice corn taste with a hint of chilli on the finish. Not too spicy, with just enough kick of flavor to keep you coming back for more.

New Zealand wines are sold separately.

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