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New Zealand
Exclusively Imported Selections — GMWC COMP Gifts
Produced in the regions of Christchurch, Hamilton, Northland and Wellington, New Zealand
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The New Zealand wines featured in our International Wine Club

The International Wine Club is a quarterly shipment of outstanding wines from various wine regions around the world. The gourmet Adventure Package will take your international experience a step further with an assortment of exclusively-imported food items from small producers. Many of the products use traditional ingredients and can be included in the featured recipes. Try pairing each item with the wines for the ultimate New Zealand Experience!

The International Gourmet Adventure Package from New Zealand includes the following items:

• Kamahi Honey - J. Friend and Co.
• Onion Balsamic Marmalata - Wild Country
• Dried Kiwi Bites - Kiwi Bites
• Steak Sauce - Artisan Vinegar
• Lager Vinegar - Artisan Vinegar
• 3 Hot Sauce Tasters - Wild West Worcester (Plus coupon!)
• Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter - Fix & Fogg

About the Products

Kamahi Honey Kamahi Honey
J. Friend and Co. ~ Christchurch, New Zealand

Your jar of honey is a 2011 vintage that was harvested from the remote coastal rain forests on the South Island of New Zealand. Here, bees enjoy collecting pollen from the native flowers of the Kamahi tree, resulting in floral aromas and smooth, intense flavors of honeysuckle and caramel. Enjoy atop cheeses, as a sweetener and so much more!

Onion Balsamic Marmalata Onion Balsamic Marmalata
Wild Country ~ Hamilton, New Zealand

Using only the best ingredients and leaving out anything artificial, it’s clear to see why this Marmalata is one of their best sellers! For the record, the name marmalata is in reference to all of their vegetable-based marmalades. The Onion Balsamic Marmalata has amazing flavor that is excellent with cheeses, cured meat, or in marinades.

Dried Kiwi Bites Dried Kiwi Bites
Kiwi Bites ~ Northland, New Zealand

These tasty and dangerously addictive dried kiwi morsels come straight from the Mecredy’s family-owned kiwifruit orchard. Once harvested, the kiwis are sliced and dried for over 15 hours - locking in all of the natural goodness. They’re “proof that the best things happen naturally.” Perfect for a healthy and tasty snack!

Steak Sauce Steak Sauce
Artisan Vinegar ~ Wellington, New Zealand

Adding to their delicious range, Artisan Vinegar included a line of sauces. This Steak Sauce is what has been missing from your BBQ’s and now, thankfully, can be complete! Handmade with only the best, natural ingredients - nothing artificial, gluten-free and no added salt. It will be love at first taste.

Lager Vinegar
Artisan Vinegar ~ Wellington, New Zealand

This Lager Vinegar is a tribute to the creative geniuses behind it. Made from New Zealand lager beer, it undergoes a double fermentation (once for the beer, second for the vinegar) and is aged for an additional twelve months. A bit spicy, slightly bitter and hoppy, try spritzing it over salads or in fish marinades. It’s also a great addition to pork and gives veggies a zesty twist!

3 Hot Sauce Tasters 3 Hot Sauce Tasters (Plus coupon!)
Wild West Worcester ~ Northland, New Zealand

It’s about to get hot in here! Spicy Sweet Blacksauce - the WWW original sauce is great on eggs and all types of meat. Hot Chili - half hot, half Sweet Blacksauce, it will add a zing to BBQ’s, seafood and more. Last but definitely not least, Ghost Pepper - we hope you’re ready...this one packs some serious heat! Use your coupon to order a full bottle of your favorite hot sauce.

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter
Fix & Fogg ~ Central Wellington, New Zealand

An exceptional combination of roasted Super Crunchy peanut butter and dairy-free Ghanaian dark chocolate. Carefully blended with 62% cocoa, it’s a wholesome treat that is perfect on toasted brioche, pancakes, ice cream, mousse (see recipes), or a spoonful straight from the jar!

New Zealand wines from Mission Estate Winery are sold separately.

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