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Exclusive Imports — Gold Medal Wine Club
Tuscany, Italy
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The Italian wines featured in the International Wine Club

The International Wine Club is a quarterly shipment of superb wines from wine regions throughout the world. The gourmet Adventure Package will take your international experience a step further with an assortment of exclusively-imported food items from small producers. Many of the products use traditional ingredients and can be included in the featured recipes. Try pairing each item with the international wines from Caccia al Piano 1868 for the ultimate Italian Experience!

The International Gourmet Adventure Package from Italy includes the following items:

• Pappardellone Pasta - Pappardelle Pasta
• Sugo di Pomodoro all'Aglione - Aglione Tomato Sauce
• Pesto Tradizionale al Basilico - Traditional Basil Pesto Sauce
• Cantuccini alla Mandorla - Cantuccini Biscotti with Almonds
• Confettura Extra More di Rovo - Wild Blackberry Jam
• Cond. Aromatizzato al Tartufo Bianco - Aromatic White Truffle Olive Oil

About the Products

Pappardellone PastaPappardellone Pasta

This popular dried egg pasta was artfully made using traditional methods and simple ingredients. The result is a fantastic pasta packed with fresh flavors - something you can’t find at your grocery store. The noodles are cut by hand to ensure their perfect shape, then slowly dried on wooden frames.

Sugo di Pomodoro all'AglioneSugo di Pomodoro all'Aglione

Made exclusively with Italian vine-ripened tomatoes, this home-made sauce is slow-cooked in small batches in Tuscan Farm’s home kitchen. The fresh tomatoes are collected each August and quickly transformed into delicious sauce. Lots of patience and experience goes into each jar!

Pesto Tradizionale al BasilicoPesto Tradizionale al Basilico

Tuscan pesto sauce is made with minimal ingredients to let the natural and distinct flavors of the basil and olive oil shine. This is another fantastic home-made sauce that leaves out any artificial flavorings or additives. Use it on pasta, bruschetta, and so much more!

Cantuccini alla MandorlaCantuccini alla Mandorla

The Cantuccini is the most famous Tuscan ‘biscuit’ made with only 4 ingredients: eggs, flour, sugar and almonds. It’s traditionally enjoyed as a simple and rustic dessert that comes from the Tuscan countryside. You are also encouraged to enjoy them with dark chocolate and a glass of wine.

Confettura Extra More di RovoConfettura Extra More di Rovo

This wild blackberry jam uses only in-season, freshly picked fruit that has been well-matured in the Tuscan sun. After harvesting, the fruit is prepared and cooked only for a short time to preserve the true original flavors of the fruit. They follow their grandmother’s old recipe which makes it so unique!

Cond. Aromatizzato al Tartufo BiancoCond. Aromatizzato al Tartufo Bianco

An amazing white truffle olive oil that combines two of Tuscany’s most prestigious ingredients! Elegant and exquisite flavor that can satisfy even the most discerning palates. This outstanding olive oil can be used on just about anything!

Italian wines from Caccia al Piano 1868 are sold separately.

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