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The 3 International Wine Club wines from Australia!

For each country we feature quarterly in the International Wine Club, we offer the gourmet Adventure Package which has an assortment of exclusively-imported food items from small producers. Many of the products are traditional ingredients used in our featured recipes. Try pairing each item with the wines for fun!

The International Gourmet Adventure Package from Australia includes the following items:

• Almond & Sea Salt Chocolate Bar - Bahen & Co.
• Pepperberries United - Outback Chef
• Pumpkin Basil Fettuccine - L'Abruzzese
• Australian Truffle Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Great Southern Truffles
• Australian Black Truffle Mustard - Great Southern Truffles

About the Products:

Almond & Sea Salt Chocolate Bar Almond & Sea Salt Chocolate Bar
Bahen & Co. Chocolate ~ Margaret River, Western Australia

Bahen & Co.’s Almond & Sea Salt chocolate bar is specially crafted in small batches with Bahen’s House Blend chocolate (70% cacao), hand-harvested sea salt, and the finest almonds, which are slow roasted with Bahen’s own farm-grown olive oil. The result is a rich, pure dark chocolate bar that will satisfy any sweet tooth’s craving.

Australian Truffle Infused Extra Vergin Olive Oil Australian Truffle Infused Extra Vergin Olive Oil
Great Southern Truffles ~ Mount Hawthron, Australia

A dash of this luxuriously pungent and earthy Australian Truffle Infused Extra- Virgin Olive Oil can turn any ordinary dish into an exceptional one! Truffle oil is extremely versatile and a little goes a long way. Try drizzling it over grilled fish or steak, grilled asparagus, pan fried polenta, sautéed or oven roasted potatoes. It can also be stirred into mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, risotto, and pasta sauces.

Australian Black Truffle Mustard
Great Southern Truffles ~ Mount Hawthron, Australia

Winning accolades worldwide, Australian Black Truffles have been growing in the fertile soils of the Great Southern Regions of Australia since the 1990’s. In this Australian Black Truffle Mustard, the flavors of French Dijon mustard are fused with the earthy truffle notes to create a truly delicious taste experience. Add this mustard to your next burger, hot dog or sandwich, or rub a little into chicken or pork before baking to create a dynamite, flavor-packed crust. Delicious!

Pepperberries United Pepperberries United
Outback Chef ~ Malvern, Australia

A combo of native Australian pepperberries and exotic imported pepperberries, this colorful Pepperberries United combination not only looks fantastic, but it is a great flavor addition to your peppermill. Ground these pepperberries liberally over steak, fish, chicken or vegetables and enjoy!

Pumpkin & Basil Fettuccin Pumpkin & Basil Fettuccine
L'Abruzzese Pasta ~ Glynde, South Australia

This gourmet pasta is specially made to finish with a rough surface, which holds sauce better and thus gives an even bigger flavor punch in each and every bite. Since it’s made without preservatives, artificial colors or any genetically modified products, L’Abruzzese pasta has an exceptional taste, texture and nutrition value you can feel good about enjoying.

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