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International Wine Club shipment from Spain

Each quarterly shipment of our International Wine Club features superb wines created by great, small wineries from wine regions throughout the world. The gourmet Adventure Package will take your international experience a step further with an assortment of food items from small producers in the same country as the wines. Many of the products use traditional ingredients and can be included in the featured recipes. Try pairing each item with the international wines from Vinos Valtuille for the ultimate Spanish Experience!

The International Gourmet Adventure Package from Spain includes the following items:

• Balsamic Vinegar Dressing with Tomato - De Lo Nuestro Artesano
• Sweet Paprika Powder/Pimentón Dulce - La Pastora
• Smoked Paprika Pearls - La Pastora
• Drop Peppers - La Pastora
• White Tuna in Olive Oil - Arroyabe
• Lemon-Tree Honey - Le Mas des Abeilles
• Flors Surtido Frutas (Fruity Flowers) - Chocolate Amatller

About the Products

bottles of artisan dressingBalsamic Vinegar Dressing with Tomato
De Lo Nuestro Artesano

A versatile Balsamic Vinegar infused with tomatoes, this dressing can be drizzled on anything from garden vegetable salads to grilled pork and chicken. It can even be used a dipping sauce for freshly baked bread.

Paprika powderSweet Paprika Powder/Pimentón Dulce
La Pastora

Naturally sweet Paprika Powder, this product is made by grinding ripe and healthy dry peppers of the Capsicum Annum variety. This spice adds striking red color and a mild, sweet flavor to savory meats, soups, stews, and seafood.

Smoked Paprika Pearls
La Pastora

Developed from organic smoked paprika, these Smoked Paprika Pearls are creamy in texture and bright orange in color, giving a bold, flavorful and unique touch to your dishes. Try adding it to shrimp, Burrata cheese, hummus, or soup.

Drop Peppers
La Pastora

An excellent topping for seasoning pizzas, cheeses, salads, desserts, and even cocktails, the La Pastora Drop Peppers are flavorful and aromatic. They also make a great snack!

Tuna in a tin of olive oilWhite Tuna in Olive Oil

White Tuna (also known as Albacore or Bonito del Norte) is considered a superior tuna because of its exquisite flavor, white tone, and smooth texture. Caught in
the Bay of Biscay using traditional and ecological methods, this tuna is canned in premium olive oil to preserve quality.

jars of honeyLemon-Tree Honey
Le Mas des Abeilles

The bees for this honey foraged in organically grown lemon trees in Spain, offering a powerful citrus flavor to this sweet, naturally made honey. Spread this
honey on toast, add it to tea, drizzle on soft cheeses, or mix with yogurt.

Spanish chocolateFlors Surtido Frutas (Fruity Flowers)
Chocolate Amatller

Premium chocolate candies in the shape of flowers, these sweet treats come in an assortment of flavors (orange marmalade, raspberry, and lemon). This is the perfect dessert for those who appreciate the contrast between fruits and chocolate.

Spanish wines are sold separately.

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