Passion Fruit Vinegar Gourmet Products

Canary Islands
Exclusive Import — Gold Medal Wine Club
El Sauzal, Tenerife, Canary Islands
Pairs With
Foods and wines from Canary Islands featured in our International Wine Club

This Crema del Vinagre al Maracuya, or Passion Fruit Vinegar is an amazing and fresh taste of the Canary Islands! Bodegas Platé on this island of Tenerife, is the mastermind behind this creamy passion fruit vinegar, which is made from the Canarian passion fruit. Its sweet and sour flavor evokes balsamic vinegar and makes a delicious salad dressing or marinade. Combine it with soft cheese, such as brie or blue cheese to impart a creamy, yet slightly piquant flavor to your dish. Vegan, gluten free, nothing artificial added.

Originally featured in our International Wine Club!