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SOLD OUTMarta's Vineyards 2003 Torrontes

Featured in our International Wine of the Month Club

Exclusive Import — Gold Medal Wine Club
100% Torrontes
in oak
Cases Produced
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ARGENTINA - Torrontes (Tohr-ROHN-tayss) is a “new found” wine, and is exclusive to Argentina. At first this wine appears sweet to the nose, but is surprisingly dry to the taste. Torrontes is a bright golden yellow color with a silvery edge and is an aromatic wine with a bouquet of chamomile, orange peel, peaches, honey and lemon that portray the flavors that follow and fill the mouth. The acidity is well balanced to the fruit and the finish is very clean, crisp and dry.

Marta’s Vinyard’s 2003 Torrontes Reserve is a soft and delicate wine with a unique fresh taste that will tantalize you and your guests’ palates. Served slightly chilled, Torrontes is able to compliment the finest of aromatic foods as well as be served as an aperitif.

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