Hawaiian Red Chili Toffee Gourmet Products

Big Island Candies
Hilo, Big Island of Hawaii
Pairs With
the Pono Sparkling wine in our Hawaiian gift set

Big Island Candies was founded in 1977 in Hilo (on the Big Island) and has continuously introduced new and imaginative products to eagerly awaiting customers, while only using the highest grade of ingredients.

The Hawaiian Red Chili Toffee has an alluring outer layer of rich dark chocolate that leads you to try the red-chili butter toffee inside. Embedded with roasted almonds and a touch of hickory smoked salt, each square is highlighted by the subtle, yet significant heat of the Hawaii-grown chili, which definitely announces its arrival. While the slight heat works well with a Sparkling Wine, it also pairs beautifully with a glass of red.

Each bag includes approximately 12, or slightly more, individually wrapped squares.