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Craft Confections
Sonoma County region
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An amazing assortment of decadent chocolates from the FARM Chocolate company in Sonoma County, California are slow-crafted, organic and luxurious. Patty Doyle, the chef behind these tasty treats, strives to create authentic confections without the use of conventional machines or techniques. Her sustainably-sourced ingredients and time-honored methods ensures these hand-made, hand-tempered, and hand-dipped chocolates are the best they can be. This assortment of 8 chocolates includes 2 Mint Meltaways, 2 Earl Grey Sea Salt Caramels, 2 Espresso Praline, and 2 Hazelnut Brittles.

Find this FARM Chocolate assortment in our Wine Country's Finest gift box and enjoy a collection of gourmet treats from California's Wine Country.

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