El Grifo 2016 Listán Negro

Canary Islands
Exclusive Import. — Gold Medal Wine Club
Lanzarote, Canary Islands
70% Listán Negro, 30% Syrah
in French Oak barrels

The 2016 Ariana is a unique red blend of 70% Listán Negro and 30% Syrah. The Listán Negro contributes the Atlantic character, fresh and alive, while the Syrah cultivated at the El Grifo bodega contributes the necessary structure for barrel aging. Each variety has a different vintage and are fermented separately. In September the blend between the two wines is completed and it is put into French oak barrels. The goal is to create a greater complexity and balance between the fruit and wood during the barrel aging.

This 2016 Tinto is a rich, elegant red color and has raspberry, black currant, toasted toffee and caramel on the nose. This wine offers a fresh and balanced flavor harmony with ripe tannins at the back. Enjoy this labor-intensive wine, paired with red meats, venison or sancocho canario stew.

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