Chimichurri & Red Wine Vinegar Gourmet Products

Exclusive & Direct Import — Gold Medal Wine Club
Mendoza, Argentina
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Imported all the way from Mendoza, these two fantastic products by Alcaraz Conservas Gourmet 1985 will transport you directly to Argentina! Read below for details on each item.

Chimichurri de Montana
Alcaraz’s authentic Argentinean version of the famous Chimichurri sauce and marinade, the Chimichurri de Montaña is crafted with balsamic vinegar, spicy ground chili peppers, paprika, pepper, oregano, thyme (a typical mountain herb from Mendoza), garlic, tomato and rosemary. This classic sauce is ideally paired with grilled meats and vegetables.

Vinagre de Vino
A tasty red wine vinegar crafted from local Mendoza wines, Alcaraz’s Vinagre de Vino is blended with rosemary, thyme, oregano, bay leaf, lemon peel, white and black peppers and capers to create a freshly flavored condiment. Try this tangy vinegar on salads and with heartier flavors like beef, pork and vegetables.

Originally featured in our International Wine Club.