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Welcome to Gold Medal Wine Club. America's Leading Independent Wine Club since 1992. Celebrating 20+ Years!
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Chardonnay Tasting Kit


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Chardonnay Tasting Kit Four Different Chardonnays
Chardonnay Tasting Kit Four Different Chardonnays


Four Different Chardonnays

  • Award-Winning Wines featured by: Gold Medal Wine Club
  • the party's over!
    Four different styles of Chardonnay
    cheese platters and friends who enjoy fine wine, and like to challenge their wine knowledge and tastebuds

How to Host a Wine Tasting Party:The Complete Kit!

From a wine connoisseur or a wine lover who loves to throw a party, this complete kit is for you or it’s a great gift. Forget about having to spend time making checklists of what you need and what you don’t. Dan Amatuzzi’s How to Host a Wine Tasting Party contains everything you’ll need to host a wine tasting in your own home.

A wine tasting party is fun and educational for everyone from novices to sophisticated wine drinkers. Within this all-inclusive kit are the elements to be a terrific host, including cloth wine bottle covers, tasting score pads, a cheat sheet, glass markers, and an entertaining book that introduces you to the ins and outs of tasting wine in a comfortable, festive, social setting your own home.

This Wine Tasting Party Kit includes:
  • • Four different Chardonnays from our Gold Series featured award-winning wineries.
  • • An 80 page illustrated book that explains all the details of hosting your own wine tasting
  • • 4 Tasting Notepads
  • • 4 Cloth Wine Bags
  • • 4 Tags to label the Wine bottles when you are doing your tasting
  • • 1 Wine and Cheese Wheel that helps you pair delicious wine and cheese combinations
  • • 1 Wine Aroma Wheel that will help you identify and describe wines in a more detailed way
  • Get out some glasses, start pouring, and have a party!

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