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The Art of Caramel
Enjoy Until
the last kernel of Popcorn is gone
Pairs With
Chesterfield Cabernet Sauvignon, Cairdean Syrah

The Art of Caramel creates hand-crafted small batch confections in Pasadena, CA kitchen. Made with the freshest ingredients and liquors, without mixes, machines or artificial flavors, to create the perfect indulgence.

This unique flavor starts with sweet bourbon whiskey-infused caramel and ends with a spicy pepper finish. For people who like bourbon or caramel, which, by our count, is basically everyone.

The Art of Caramel turns normal caramel popcorn into the adult booze infused version of Cracker Jacks. Instead of a little paper prize you get hints of bourbon and cognac with your popcorn adding to the flavor and excitement like you were a little kid again. A classic caramel flavor with premium Kentucky Bourbon and spicy black pepper. You'll taste the sweet crunch first, then the notes of bourbon and finally a spicy kick pairs perfectly with our Chesterfield Cabernet or the
Cairdean Syrah.

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