Artisanal French Jam

Fraises et Rhubarbes
Exclusive Import — GMWC COMP Gifts
Nice, France
Pairs With
O'dourves, Charcuterie Platter, and more

About the Product:
The Fraises et Rhubarbes Jam (Strawberry and Rhubarb Jam) from Le Clos de Laure is cooked in traditional copper cauldrons packed with fresh fruit and stirred by hand to preserve all of the natural flavors. By working with the local farmers for many years, only the best strawberries and rhubarb are reserved for this spectacular jam.

About the Artisan Company:
Since 1998, the small business, Le Clos de Laure has proudly and passionately created artisanal products with locally sourced ingredients from the Provence and Nice regions in France. These regions have a rich history with their own culinary identity that can be seen and tasted through the sweet and savory delicacies offered in the form of jam, tapenades, mustard and more. Belonging to a gastronomic heritage, their products aim to preserve the quality and traditional artisanal methods of Nice.

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