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Upon visiting Argentina, it is easy to see that Argentine people have a love for food, eating, and gathering together. Invitations to have dinner at one’s home is usually a symbol of friendship and warmth and Sunday family lunch is considered the most significant meal of the week. The tradition of preparing authentic, locally-inspired foods is an art that is lovingly passed down from generation to generation. Salud!

The International Gourmet Adventure Package from Argentina includes the following items:

• Chimichurri Patagónico - 1854 Hierbas & Especias
• Chimichurri Pampeano - 1854 Hierbas & Especias
• Dulce de Leche con Sabor Coco - La Retama / Doña Especias
• Super Cabrales Café Tostado Molido - Cabrales
• Mermelada de Naranja - El Brocal de San Pedro
• Alfajor Relleno con Mousse de Chocolate Cremoso - Alfajores Capricho

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