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SOLD OUTAdventure Package: South Africa Experience Gourmet Products

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South Africa

The International Wine Club is a quarterly shipment of superb wines from wine regions throughout the world. The gourmet Adventure Package will take your international experience a step further with an assortment of imported food items from authentic producers in South Africa. Many of the products use traditional ingredients and can be included in the featured recipes. Try pairing each item with the wines from the featured South African Wineries for the ultimate South African Experience! The International Gourmet Adventure Package from South Africa includes the following items:
• White Nougat, Hekpoort Heksie. Made with farm fresh products including almonds, cranberries, honey, vanilla, and egg whites, this White Nougat is soft, sweet, and perfectly chewy - a delicious choice for a mid-afternoon snack or dessert.
• Mustard Plain, Hekpoort Heksie. A simple blend of mustard seeds, lemon, vinegar and salt, the Hekpoort Heksie Mustard Plain offers a distinctive zingy taste to sandwiches, marinades and salad dressings. Also delicious as a dipping sauce for pretzels and hard boiled eggs, or blended with honey to create a honey-mustard glaze for roasts.
• African Chutney, Hekpoort Heksie. Chutney is a national favorite in South Africa, and for good reason! This hearty fruit relish is incredibly versatile and can be served with everything from rices and breads to cheeses, roasted meats, curries and sandwiches.
• Marinated Mushrooms, Uncle Cam’s Pickles. Carefully prepared and bottled with Uncle Cam’s top secret spices and a blend of aromatic basil and oregano, perfectly mixed with a zippy garlic and onion infusion, the Marinated Mushrooms are the perfect addition to couscous, salads and pizzas, or even on their own as a healthy snack.
• Red Pepper Sauce, Uncle Cam’s Pickles. A stunning blend of peppers and chillis, slow-cooked for hours to infuse the flavors, plus a little vinegar for zip, lemon for zest, and fresh coriander, the Red Pepper Sauce promises to add big flavor to any dish.
• Peanut Brittle, Peel’s Honey. The most popular variety of Peel’s famous honey-nut brittles, the Peanut Brittle is made with pure South African honey and select peanuts. A nostalgic taste of sweetness and indulgence!
• Pure Rooibos Tea, LMC. Made with superior grade rooibos, LMC’s Pure Rooibos Tea is well balanced with a full aroma and smooth, sweet taste. Rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, Pure Rooibos tea is pure health in a cup. Enjoy hot or cold.

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